Can’t Afford It?

Having trouble finding food, diapers, clothing, or bedding supplies?  We can help!  Family Resource Center specializes in helping you get the assistance you need.  Our “Earn While You Learn” program allows you to come in (during and after pregnancy) and earn baby supplies while learning about the best way to raise a happy and healthy child!

The “Earn While You Learn” program is one way to empower you to be all that you can be as a woman and a parent. The program offers classes designed to help you grow in many areas such as: fetal development, first through third trimester pregnancy, parenting, relationships, education and career development, and spirituality. By following certain requirements throughout the program, you will be able to earn “Baby Bucks”. The “Baby Bucks” will then be able to be used to “purchase” items in our baby boutique, such as infant through toddler clothing, blankets, crib sets, diapers, and also cribs, car seats, swings, and other equipment if we have it.

We also offer parenting classes for those with children through age 12. These classes cover topics including discipline, family relationships and well being.

At Family Resource Center, we desire to empower you to be the best you can be! Our prayer is that you will feel a sense of love and acceptance as we journey with you through the “Earn While You Learn” program. We place a great value on relationships and we hope that this will be the start of a wonderful one.

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